Dear participants of Joint 20th International Heat Pipe Conference and
14th International Heat Pipe Symposium!

Thank you all for being so active!

Last year, 2020, we received 196 abstracts,
12 of which were rejected at the international meeting of the Organizing committee.

As well, during 2020, 5 participants withdrawn their abstractsbe cause of COVID-19 and other reasons.

In addition, during 2021, the Organising committee received 76 abstracts, including 48 new and 28 updated ones.

Notifications of acceptance or rejection of the registered abstracts will be sent to you before 15/03/21.


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Final program

7.09.2021 – 10.09.2021


Dear Colleagues!

We are happily inviting you to participate in the Joint 20th International Heat Pipe Conference (IHPC) and the 14th International Heat Pipe Symposium (IHPS), which will be held in Gelendzhik, Russia in September of 2020.

The International Heat Pipe Conference has a long history as well as great scientific and cultural traditions. In the recent years, the International Heat Pipe Conference has been held jointly with the International Heat Pipe Symposiums. The Joint 20th IHPC and 14th IHPS will cover both theoretical and practical aspects in the fields of heat pipes and thermosiphons, and broader topics of the heat transfer and thermodynamic processes occurring in different types of thermal control systems. The Joint 20th IHPC and 14th IHPS is a prestigious platform for the professional communication between the specialists and scientists as well as business representatives of the leading companies in the thermal control field.

The Local Organizing Committee is headed by a team from National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", which is one of the leading Russian scientific centers in the field of heat pipes and thermosyphons.

Participating in the Joint 20th IHPC and 14th IHPS sessions you will obtain not only invaluable professional experience and meet potential business partners, but also feel the beauty and expanse of the Russian soul as the planned cultural program is expected to be unforgettable.

Welcome to 20th IHPC & 14th IHPS!

Address: Krasnokazarmennaya 14, Moscow, 111250 Russia.
Phone: +7 (962) 949-54-10