The prizes for the best paper are distinguished by the Don Ernst Award.

This prize was established in memory of Donald M. Ernst by his friends, colleagues and his widow Ms. Irina Ernst to honor Donald Ernst’s achievements in the fields of heat pipe research, product development and commercialization.

It was given for the first time at the 16th IHPC in Lyon, France.

The award is given in two categories by the Committee on the Joint HPC&S:
(i) for fundamental research and,
(ii) (ii) for technical/technology applications.

We are glad to announce the results of the International Committee decisions regarding the Don Ernst Awards!

* The Don Ernst Award in the fundamental paper category is attributed to Dr. Naoko Iwata for this paper she presented:
Iwata N., Bozzoli F., Pagliarini L., Cattani L., Vocale P., Malavasi M., Ranieri S. Local heat transfer in a micro heat pipe.
Her coordinates are:
Dr. Naoko IWATA
Phone: (+39) 0521 90 6309

*The Don Ernst Award in the techical application paper category is attributed to Dr. Vincent Dupont, who presented this paper:
Nicolle T., Kapaun F., Lasserre P., Piaud B., Dupont V., Ybanez L. Using Loop Heat Pipe solutions, and a dielectric fluid, to cool SiC MOSFET power modules for aircraft systems.
His coordinates are:
Dr. Vincent DUPONT


The Committee on International Heat Pipe Conferences has established the George Grover Medal to honor individuals for their outstanding contributions to the development of heat pipe science and technology.

The medal is named in honor of Dr. George Grover, who, with his first external publication in 1963 on heat pipes, laid the foundation for all heat pipe research and development. The award was given for the first time at the 14th IHPC in Florianopolis, Brazil.

This award is given in two categories: Young Scientist Award (recognizing promising young individuals) and Distinguished Scientist Award (recognizing significant and sustained contributions in the field).

* The George Grover Medal in the distinguished scientist category is attributed to

Chief designer and chairman of board directors of TAIS Ltd,
Khimki (Moscow Region), Russia

Co-chair of the Local organizing Committee of the Joint 20th IPHC and 14th IHPS

* The George Grover Medal in the young scientist category is attributed to
Dr. Wukchul JOUNG

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Pukyong National University, Busan, Korea


We wish everyone fruitful scientific work and be sure to take part in the next the Joint 21st International Heat Pipe Conference and 15th Symposium!

Welcome to 20th IHPC & 14th IHPS!

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