The conference topics include, but are not limited to:

1 Fundamental studies on thermal-fluid phenomena associated with heat pipes and closed two-phase thermosyphons.
2 Theoretical and experimental studies on capillary pumped loops (CPL), loop heat pipes (LHP).
3 Theoretical and experimental studies on thermosyphons, oscillating (or pulsating) heat pipes (OHP/PHP), mini/micro-heat pipes, etc.
4 Heat Pipe and Thermosyphon Applications & Special Devices.
5 Aerospace applications of heat pipes, including spacecraft thermal control, space power systems, aircraft thermal control, avionics cooling, etc.
6 Manufacturing processes and material processing associated with heat pipes and thermosyphons, including new developments of wicks, working fluids, materials, modeling of corrosion and life tests.
7 State-of-the-art heat pipe development and applications, novel ideas of heat pipe development.

More general communications on advanced cooling technologies,
surface engineering, porous media, boiling and condensation,
innovative fabrication technologies are also welcome,
in the limits of a maximum of two special sessions on these topics.

Welcome to 20th IHPC & 14th IHPS!

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