Local Organizing Committee

of the 20th International Heat Pipe Conference (IHPC) and
the 14th International Heat Pipe Symposium (IHPS)


  1. Prof. Rogalev N. D.,
    Rector of National Research Institute "MPEI"


  1. Dr. Savchenkova N. M.,
    Prof. of the Department HMTD&I,
    NRU "MPEI", head of the Department of the
    Foreign Postgraduate Studies and Internships;
  2. Dr. Goncharov K. A.,
    Chief Designer of Tais Ltd.


  1. Prof. Maydanik Yu. F.,
    Head of laboratory "Heat transfer devices" of the Institute of Thermophysics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  2. Prof. Kabov O. A.,
    Head of laboratory "Intensification of heat transfer processes" of the Institute of Thermophysics of S.S. Kutateladze of the SB RAS;
  3. Mr. Khmelnitsky A. K.,
    Deputy Director General for Production Operation, ORPE Technologiya named after A. G. Romashin;
  4. Prof. Dragunov V. K.,
    Vice-Rector of scientific work of the NRU "MPEI";
  5. Prof. Zamolodchikov V. N.,
    Vice-Rector of International Relations of NRU "MPEI";
  6. Prof. Garyaev A. B.,
    Head of the Department HMTP&D, NRU "MPEI";
  7. Prof. Shelginsky A. Ya.,
    Prof. the Department IHES, NRU "MPEI";
    Director of the Center of the Energy Efficiency "Energy Efficiency";
  8. Dr. Prudnikova Yu. I.,
    Head of the Department CIE, NRU "MPEI";
  9. Mr. Tarasov A. E.,
    Head of the Department OMS, NRU "MPEI";
  10. Dr. Zhigulina E. V.,
    Prof. the Department IHES, NRU "MPEI";
  11. Prof. Kuzma-Kichta Y. A.,
    Prof. the Department of Thermal Physics, NRU "MPEI";
  12. Prof., D. Sc. Kiseev V. M.
    Chief Researcher, Ural Federal University;
  13. Prof. Dvirny V. V.,
    JSC "ISS – Reshetnev Company";
  14. Mr. Panin Yu. V.
    Head of the Department of the
    Heat Pipe Center of Roskosmos, Lavochkin Association;
  15. Mrs. Novichkova S. A.,
    Engineer-constructor of the
    Heat Pipe Center of Roskosmos, Lavochkin Association;
  16. Dr. Lyulin Y. V.,
    Research Scientist, CEST, Skoltech.

Honorary Members

  1. Acad. Leontiev A. I.,
    Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  2. Prof. Vasiliev L. L.,
    A.V. Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute
    of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
  3. Prof. Yagov V. V.,
    Prof. of the Department IHF, NRU "MPEI".
Welcome to 20th IHPC & 14th IHPS!

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