Program conference

September 15, 2014
Opening ceremony of the Second International Conference
“Heat Pipes for Space Application (2HPSA)”
Section №1. New types of heat pipes and two-phase devices.
Dr. Yu. Maidanik (Russia), M. Nikitkin (USA).
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1.1 Manfred Groll Heat pipe science and technology:
A historical review
(11:30-11:45) Coffee Break
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1.2 Leonard Vasiliev, Leonid Grakovich, Mikhail Rabetsky, Leonid Vasiliev Jr, Dmitry Tulin Innovative heat pipes with complex compound polymer envelope
1.3 D. Mishkinis, J. Corrochano, A. Torres Development of Miniature Heat Switch-Temperature Controller based on variable conductance LHP
(13:00-14:00) Lunch
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1.4 Semenov Sergey Thin Titanium Vapor Chamber: Second Generation
1.5 Pastukhov V.G., Maydanik Yu.F. Development and Investigation of a Combined PHP-LHP Heat-Transfer System
1.6 D. Mishkinis, A. Kulakov, P. Prado, A. Torres, S. Lapensee Development of Multiline Loop Heat Pipe with Remote Reservoir
1.7 Klimakov V.V., Ulitenko A.I.,
Chirkin M.V., Molchanov A.V.
Serpentine loop heat pipe meant for heat rejection from moving objects
(16:00-16:15) Coffee Break
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1.8 Piatsiushik Y.Y., Klevchenya D.I.,
Afanaseva N.A., Romanenkov V.E., Evtukhova T.E.
Сapillary structure for heat pipe with axial grooves
1.9 Seryakov A.V., Pavlov A.A., Mihailov U.E. Pulsation vortex flow in the vapour channel of short low temperature range heat pipes
1.10 Wei Qu, Siyuan Chen, Jijun Yu Design and performance of one sodium heat pipe furnace
1.11 Wei Qu, Zhihu Xue, Bangcheng Ai New wick design and performance of a thin heat pipe heat spreader
(18:00-21:00) Welcome party


September 16, 2014
Section №2. Development of thermal control systems on the base of two-phase devices. Modeling of units and systems.
Dr. V.Vlassov (Brazil), D. Tulin (Russia).
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2.1 Sokolov A.N., Tarnovsky N.N., Schedrinsky M.Z., Rybas K.V.,
Vorobiev M.G., Sukharev K.N., Sobolevskaya T.N.
Experimental investigation of spacecraft thermal control system with regular loop heat pipes
2.2 Denis Nesterov, Gennady Dmitriev Modeling of loop heat pipe for the oscillating behavior
2.3 V. Antonov, М. Balykin, A. Golikov, К. Goncharov, К. Korzhov, V. Buz Design and analysis of precision TCS with LHP
2.4 Panin Y.V. Application of gas-controlled heat pipe for spacecraft thermal control system
(11:00-11:15) Coffee Break
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2.5 Sasin V.Y., Savchenkova N.M. Influence of the surface curvature of liquid-vapor boundary on the heat transfer in open capillary channels
2.6 Gulya V.M., Kopyatkevich R.M. Calculation of characteristics of two-phase loop with mechanical pump and thermal accumulator.Computer investigation of thermal accumulator operation.
2.7 Tulin D.V., Tulin I.D., Shabarchin A.F. Thermal control system of the precision instrument board integrated into meteorological satellites
2.8 Vinokurov D.K., G.V. Kukina, A.S. Mitroshin, G.S. Mishin Heat pipe application in the thermal-control subsystem of infrared radiometer
(13:15-14:00) Lunch
Section №3. Experimental investigations and heat pipes application.
V. Buz (Ukraine), N. Savchenkova (Russia).
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3.1 Michael Nikitkin Loop Heat Pipes, Made in the USA
3.2 Valery M. Kiseev The first ammonia loop heat pipe: life test during 38 years
3.3 Nadjara dos Santos, Valeri Vlassov, Jorge Bertoldo Jr, Gino Genaro, José Batista Neto, Geraldo Orlando Mendes, Olga Kchoukina, Pedro Candido, Rafael Costa. TUCA Heat Pipe experiment
3.4 Valeri Vlassov, Jorge Bertoldo Jr, Ulisses Tadeu Vieira Guedes An accelerated technique of the tilt performance test of straight axially grooved heat pipes
(15:30-15:45) Coffee Break
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3.5 Jorge Bertoldo Junior, Valeri V. Vlassov,
Gino Genaro, Nadjara Santos, Pedo Antônio Cândido
A noninvasive technique of verification of embedded heat pipes in integrated satellites
3.6 CHEN Siyuan, XUE Zhihu, DENG Daiying, QU Wei, XIE Minghui, LI Wei Accurate temperature measurement of heat pipe with pressure-controlling: design descriptions and test results
3.7 Shigeki Hirasawa, Yusuke Takeuchi,
Tsuyoshi Kawanami, Katsuaki Shirai
Evaporation Heat Transfer Characteristics of Heated Surface with Thin Powder Porous Layer
3.8 Atsushi Okamoto, Makiko Ando,
Hiroyuki Sugita
On-orbit Performance Evaluation of Oscillating Heat Pipe with Check Valves
(17:45-19:00) Poster section.
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5.1 XUE Zhihu, QU Wei, WANG Tao An investigation of pulsating heat pipe with ammonia working fluid for advanced thermal control
5.2 V. Pichulin, V. Antonov, N. Kudryavtseva,
V. Alekseev, A. Karabin, A. Denisova
Experiment-calculated temperature field of thermal honeycomb panel with axial groove heat pipes when impulsive heat generating
5.3 V. Lavrenov Efficiency of heat pipes application in passive cooling system of optical-electronic converter
5.4 David Schwaller, Amaury Larue de Tournemine, Isabel Soto Armananzas, Julien Hugon, Pavlo Gakal Two-phase mechanically pumped loop for the thermal dissipation management of an Active Antenna: simulation results
5.5 Smirnov Genrikh Fedorovich
Kuznyetsov Igor Olegovich
The pulsating heat pipes investigations statement devoting to their production & application and different devices and system on their base analysis
5.6 Burdo O.G., Smirnov G.F., Zykov A.V. The problem of research and determination of reliable characteristics of heat pipes and heat pipe heat exchangers life – time
5.7 Burdo O.G., Smirnov G.F., Tersiev S.G. The problems of the mechanical contact thermal resistances of the heat pipe thermal control systems
5.8 Nikolay N. Zubkov Microgrooved Wicks for Heat Pipes, Made by Edge Cutting Machining


September 17, 2014
Section №3. Experimental investigations and heat pipes application.
V. Buz (Ukraine), N. Savchenkova (Russia).
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3.9 V. Antonov, К. Goncharov,
A. Kochetkov, L. Kolachova
Comparison of contact thermal resistance values obtained when different thermal conductive materials are used for units mounting to thermal honeycomb panels
3.10 Yakomaskin A.A., Zubkov N.N. Investigation of heat transfer in open capillary evaporator
3.11 Gutkin A.R., Kononenko Y.M., Chobityko A.V. Flight-design tests the system of maintenance of a thermal mode of the Small Space Craft The Remote Earth Sounding “Kanopus-V” №1
3.12 Yuri Kuzma-Kichta, Aleksandr Lavrikov, Mikhail Shustov,
Igor Prokopenko, Yuri Shtefanov
Investigation of boiling in a microchannel with a relief of nanoparticles
(11:00-11:15) Coffee Break
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3.13 A. Kolobov, K. Goncharov, A. Mironov, A. Karachev Reliability of dual kore axial grooved heat pipes
3.14 G. Guidi, P. Di Marco,
S. Filippeschi, M. Mameli
Local Void Fraction Measurements in Capillary Pipes with Optical Probes
3.15 V. Dvirny, V. Golovanova,
M. Elfimova, G. Dvirny
Application of two-phase heat transfer units in shipping containers for nuclear power plants of space crafts
3.16 N. Koneva Recent results for isothermal two-phase platforms thermal control experiments
(13:15-14:00) Lunch
Visiting of Lavochkin Association museum
Cultural Program
Sightseeing bus tour of Moscow


September 18, 2014
Section №4. Heat pumps, refrigerators, honeycomb panels.
Professor L. Vasilyev (Byelorussia), A. Khmelnitsky (Russia).
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4.1 Krivonosov Gennadiy, Melnikov Dmitriy Cooler on heat pipes for the converter of big energy space particles to x-ray radiation
4.2 Liu En'guang, Yang Fan, Mu Yongbin Experimental investigations and applications of cryogenic heat pipes
4.3 А.B.Batracov, Yu.N.Volkov,
Yu.F.Lonin, А.G.Ponomarev
Neon Cryovacuum system for endurance tests of electrojet propulsion systems
4.4 Victor V. Maziuk, Pawel S. Anchevsky Dimensional control of capillary structures of loop heat pipes at sintering
(11:00-11:15) Coffee Break
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4.5 K.A. Goncharov, V.K. Sysoev, P.A. Vyatlev, V.N. Sigaev Production of Glass Elements for Thermal and Optical Coating of Parts for Space Application
4.6 R. Kopiatkevich, V. Gulia, K. Goncharov, A. Basov Analysis methods of operation ability of radiation heat exchangers with heat pipes applied for Russian module of International space station
4.7 Dubrov Y.S., Dubrov D.Y. The use of cutters with two-phase cooling devices in the processing of titanium alloys
4.8 A.K. Khmelnitsky, O.V. Shirina, D.A. Kuzmichev Prospects and efficiency of applying new materials in spacecraft temperature control panels
Closing ceremony of the Second International Conference
“Heat Pipes for Space Application (2HPSA)”.
Restaurant “The Old Tower” in the Red Square.
Best regards,
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Organizing Committee Second International Conference
“Heat Pipes for Space Application (HPSA)”

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